The bathroom is far more important to home decor than most homeowners realise. The colour, ambiance, and style of the room is easily modified and can have a big effect on a house’s overall interior design. The mirror you choose is crucial to the feel of the room. It can really make or break things. In a world where more and more people are living in bland, run-of-the-mill homes, these awesome bathroom mirror decorating tips could really come in handy.  You’d be surprised at how much a lighted mirror alone could do. Here are a few from

Lighted mirrors!

Want to make a big statement? Get a great lighted mirror. These stylish accessories use fluorescent light, and other advanced technology to help shine a beautiful glow on your bathroom. The energy-saving bulbs will help you see yourself in the best light possible. The best part is that you will have something that few other people have in your area. Need a unique decorating tip? Start with lighted mirrors.

Consider different shapes

We all know the circular or rectangular mirrors that are commonly seen in North American bathrooms, so why not set a new trend and go with a different shape? Consider more sleek and unique ideas like a square mirror with lights on either side, or an oval mirror with a string of lights around the edge. The world is your oyster, and a little extra effort will help you get a mirror that really stands out. How about a lighted cabinet mirror with a lit square in the centre? With a little bit of searching you can really get something that makes people take notice.

Choose complimentary signs

Mirror decoration isn’t all about the glass that you choose. The space around the mirror is also important. Depending on what type of theme you have, an uplifting sign around it can really round the room out. Have a sleek and artsy theme? How about a sign about wine and art? Your lighted mirror would look great with some extra signs around it.

Bathroom design really just comes down to your mirror. Get it right and the room will look spacious, lighted, and beautiful. Get it wrong and the whole room could be thrown off. A good place to start for unique bathroom mirror decorating ideas is lighted mirrors, and from there try a great shape or unique sign to really make it stand out!