Lighted mirrors are the perfect accessory for your home, but you need to find the right one for your particular space. The right mirror will help shape the entire design of your bathroom, especially when they can shine beautiful light. That means you need to get right one to help bring out the best in the room. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right lighted mirror for your bathroom.

Choose the location first

Nothing helps bring out the best in your bathroom like the right location. The right spot will maximize visibility and make the room look more spacious. Try to place it across from the windows to really get the best effect. Make sure not to put it near the major fixtures like the shower or toilet, and don’t let it reflect the unsightly things in the room. Before you begin browsing, settle on the perfect location. That will make your experience a lot more fun.

Get the right size in mind

Lighted mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. The right size could make all the difference, but it really comes down to your preference and price range. The extra lighting will do wonders for your reflection, but bigger isn’t always better. Get a good feel for the size of the space and for what you’ll need it for (getting ready in the morning, makeup, etc.).

Consider how much you use it. If you are the kind of person that spends hours getting ready, then you might want to go with a bigger one. If you only need it to get ready for bed, then you can downsize.

Get the right style

Only you can know the style that fits you best. Our lighted mirrors are mostly sleek, but there are plenty of other great looks. It depends on the feel of your bathroom and the style you think you’d want the most. Do you care more about matching with your current look, or do you want something a little more luxurious? We’ve got the products to fit any style. It’s all up to you.

Knowing how to choose the right lighted mirror for your bathroom will help you get the mirror of your dreams. Start browsing our store today, and keep all of these factors in mind. We know you’ll love your new mirror!