Summer is here, and if you haven’t used this opportunity to change the design in your home, then you’re missing out! This season brings a whole new set of opportunities to add some easy-going, happy-go-lucky ambiance to your home. You know that we always recommend lighted mirrors, but there are plenty of other things you can do to liven up your home on top of that. There are a bunch of summer themes that are beautiful, full of energy, and perfect for any room in the home. Use these bathroom design tips to get your home into summer mode:

Flowers and plants

Outside of your home, all of the flowers and plants are in full bloom. Why not bring a bit of that summer feeling inside, too? Since summer is the season of life, adding some flowers and plants is the best way to get that feeling into your home’s decor? Not only do they bring the feel of summer inside, they add to the ambiance and feeling within the house. They take up barely any space, let off great smells, and are soothing to look at. People love seeing green foliage everywhere!

Improve your lighting

Lighting is key to any room in the house. During winter, nobody wants to look outside at the dull grey sky, but once that sun is shining, letting in all of the light that you can should be first on the list. The problem is that most bathrooms have small windows. You could install a skylight or you could go crazy and blow out your windows and expand them. We recommend just getting a lighted mirror, though. The LED lights coupled with some natural light from outside will instantly energize the room. Window space will hardly matter anymore.

Use more pictures

Pictures are great during any season, but especially in summer. It’s during this season that they can really create the right mood. All of the beautiful images of landscapes, water, and summertime fun can really make your bathroom the most pleasant in the house! That’s why we always recommend adding lightly coloured pictures to your bathroom decor. The best thing about them? You can take them down when the season sours and just wait until next year to use them again. Many of summer images are timeless, and work year-round too.

Most homeowners want to change their decor to match the season. Bringing a bit of the summer vibe inside your home can turn around the ambiance of it instantly. Follow these tips for styling your bathroom this summer, and you will have the best in the neighbourhood. Aside from these quick tips, the best way to instantly change your bathroom from run of the mill to spa-like and beautiful is by getting a lighted mirror.