The great thing about new seasons is all of the great trends that start taking over homes across the world. New trends burst on the scene, oldies try hard to come back again, and many more wave goodbye to their 15 minutes of fame. The same holds true for your bathroom. A new year means looking at the entire room in a new light, as is the case with lighted mirrors. Let’s make sure you’re caught up on popular bathroom design trends for 2016

Statement mirrors

Mirrors are vital to our lives, and there’s no one that could live day-to-day without one in the house. 2016 is seeing that taken to the next level with the continuance of a major trend in home decor: statement mirrors. When you get one from, we guarantee that it won’t be overlooked again. More and more homeowners are realising the power that a brilliant, stylish, and smooth one possesses!

More than a bathroom

When most people think of a bathroom, we almost always think of a place to take a shower or prepare for work or sleep, but making yours more than just a bathroom is now becoming a big thing. Everyone knows about beautiful mirrors, stylish porcelain, and wall decorations, but people everywhere are adding extras like chairs, end tables, and beautiful pictures to round the spaces out even if they are just for show. We believe that the centerpiece will still be the mirror, but we understand why people want to make all of their rooms more appealing.

European designs

Trends from across the Atlantic are usually a smash hit in North America, and 2016 is no different. The Old World might come with some different flavours compared to what we are used to here, but that’s exactly why they are catching on so quickly. Things like plain designs, white space, standalone baths, saunas, bright lights and wide open spaces are in, and drab and clutter are out. Getting a lighted bathroom mirror will have you well on your way toward mastering your Euro design.

2016’s newest bathroom trends are being found in homes throughout the world, and we definitely approve. Want to take yours to the next level? Start using European designs, throwing in some cozy furniture, and make a statement with the mirror you choose.